New Command Line Shell Released on BetaPlace

The first beta version of Microsoft's new Command Line based shell was released to users via Microsoft's BetaPlace website on Friday. The release, codenamed "Monad", was originally thought to be a component of Longhorn. However, recent news has disconfirmed these reports – saying the new programmable Unix-like shell will be released separate from Longhorn.

While ordinary PC users may not detect a huge difference from previous shells, many advanced users will note differences. Several advanced functions will be built into the new add-on – such as Administrative functions, which would enable users to do much more from the command line rather than from the graphical interface. The release will also play a central role in Microsoft's forthcoming Exchange 12 release.

Interested users can try out Monad by signing in on the BetaPlace website under the guest ID of "mshPDC".

View: Microsoft's BetaPlace Website

News source: Monad Team Blog on MSDN

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