New Diablo III TV ad shows off more cinematics

Blizzard knows how to make some truly impressive looking pre-rendered cinematics and it has done so for most of its previous PC games. Today, the company posted up a new TV commercial for the upcoming and long awaited action-RPG sequel Diablo III. The 30 second spot, which will be broadcast tonight on Fox during Family Guy, shows glimpses of the CGI trailers that will be included in the final game. They will apparently include lots of fire and lots of really big creatures.

In related news, Blizzard has also released its fourth video developer diary for Diablo III. While the last diary clip Blizzard released was filmed in May 2011, this new video jumps ahead 10 months to March 2012. Like the previous three dev diaries, this one has Diablo III's game director Jay Wilson, art director Christian Lichtner and lead software engineer Jason Regier talking about the game. In this case, the trio chat about Diablo III after Blizzard decided it was finally completed.

All three men said that they could have decided to release Diablo III months before but the final product would just have been "pretty good", rather than a great game. They also go over some of Diablo III's gameplay changes in its long development road, including the rune system. Diablo III is now finally scheduled to be released for the PC and Mac on May 15th.

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