New drone video shows off Apple Park and Visitor Center

It was seven years ago when Steve Jobs presented his idea to Cupertino City Council to build a new Apple headquarters. This wasn't your typical structure and Jobs would state it would look "a little like a spaceship". A few months later, Jobs would pass away and the world would mourn.

After such a long wait, Apple employees were finally allowed to enjoy one of the last projects envisioned by Jobs this year, gaining access to Apple Park and making it their daily work environment. More recently, the firm has also opened an extension of the new campus with its Visitor Center, allowing eager fans to partake in the atmosphere. While a majority of people will never get to experience either, a new new video has been posted that gives us a great look at both.

We have posted drone videos previously, but latest one is the most complete look at Apple's campus yet. While there are still little things here and there that need to be finished, for the most part, things look pretty good.

Source: Matthew Roberts (YouTube) via MacRumors

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