New Feature: Poll Questions on News

You may of noticed earlier on the "Different Services @ Neowin" post that there is a poll question attached to the news item. It displays above the first comment, which is after all the discussion area for news articles.

Our very own DaveLegg has extended our main page poll, which we've had for years to work on individual news articles. The poll even submits through AJAX which means the page isn't completely reloaded, just the poll itself.

However people may be getting errors, or their vote is simply not counted. To fix this you will need to press CTRL + F5 on your browser in order to reload the Javascript code that enables poll voting (do this on the comments page, not on the main site).

Guest are not allowed to vote, this is due to mis-use of our system when we allowed anonymous commenting and voting. An IE vs Firefox poll no less back in 2004! If you are not a registered member you can register yourself here it's quick, easy, free and allows you to participate in voting, commenting and discussions on our forums.

I have added a poll question for you to try it out. Let us know what you think!

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