New IGI2 Multi-Player Demo

As the final touches are added to IGI 2: Covert Strike in preparation for its release on February 21, we are now releasing a new and updated version of the beta test for download. It's now available from

While the mission remains the same, you'll experience a highly enhanced rebalanced playable map, all played out over the updated network code.

The new version of the IGI 2: Covert Strike Multiplayer Beta Test embraces a lot of feedback received from Beta Test players from the earlier version. The new code includes many game balancing tweaks, such as changes to damage levels and rate of fire, as well as changes to the mission itself.

Delivering dynamic multi-objective team-based combat, gameplay pits IGI (Institute for Geotactical Intelligence) operatives against the Conspiracy terrorist group. This public Multiplayer Beta Test features the "Timberland" map and calls for stealth and weapon skills. In Timberland, the IGI operatives' aim is to sabotage an old mineral plant that the Conspiracy is using as a cover to extract uranium for covert weapons manufacturing.

The Multiplayer Beta Test code allows for 16 players online and 32 players on LAN, across the two teams, but has no upper limit, and features full in-game chat functionality.

Codemasters will publish IGI 2: Covert Strike on February 21 2003 for PC CD-ROM. The game's web site hosting the public Multiplayer Beta Test, along with full instructions for use, is located at:

News source: IGI2 website

Download: IGI2 Multi-Player Demo (116Mb)

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