New iMac and Mac Pro models without optical drives coming?

Back in June at Apple's annual developers conference WWDC, the company refreshed their notebook offering, though the long expected updates for both the iMac and the Mac Pro stayed out. Some new found references suggest that Apple will be updating their desktop range after all, but they could be lacking optical drives.

There are new lines of code to back up the rumour inside some configuration files of Boot Camp in OS X Mountain Lion. 'IM130' could be the next iMac, while 'MP60' could be the new Mac Pro. Because the code was found in a list of models supporting only USB booting, some believe that Apple is continuing the trend to remove the optical drives from their models, just like they did with the new Retina Macbook and the Mac Mini.

Removing the drive creates more valuable space for other components and slims down the chassis. But since the Mac Pro is a tower model and space isn't a big issue, a major design change could be on its way. According to a previous statement of CEO Tim Cook, Apple is "working on something really great for later next year".

Some user submitted Geekbench scores refer to themselves as 'iMac 13,2', backing up the recent rumours. While some of them are probably Hackintosh computers (OS X on non Apple hardware), one of them seems to be legitimate, according to John Poole of Primate Labs, developer of the benchmarking software.

Source: AppleInsider | Images via AppleInsider

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