New information on Windows Home Server

Joel Sider, Senior Product Manager, Windows Server PR Microsoft Corp. provided some new information about Home Server

Here is what he said:

Windows Home Server is built on Windows Server technology, but it also includes a great deal of new technology for simple backup/restore of multiple PCs in the home, easy addition of new storage, and a highly intuitive console to administer backups, shared folders, storage, users and network health.

Windows Home Server is designed to work in broadband connected households that already have a broadband router / firewall device. A Windows Home Server device plugs in on the inside of the house and is initially protected by a users' router / firewall device. Additionally, it is built on the proven technologies of Windows Server and uses the software firewall technologies built into Windows Server to provide an additional level of protection. It will be updated by Automatic Updates from MS. Also, remote access to Home Server is via HTTPS, only uses necessary ports, and is disabled by default.

We are working with Microsoft OneCare and leading anti-virus providers to help them develop solutions specific to Windows Home Server.

HP is our launch partner for Windows Home Server and will be shipping the MediaSmart Server, powered by Windows Home Server, later this year. We anticipate other OEMs will follow. At CES, AMD, Inventec and Quanta demonstrated Home Server hardware reference designs, providing a preview of potential Home Server hardware form factors.

HP will set the price for MediaSmart Server and is not yet disclosing specifics. Storage capacity will be the primary factor for OEM pricing. Microsoft anticipates that Home Server product pricing will be in the range of a low-end PC.

We are considering the possibilities of making Home Server available to system builders or 'do it yourself-ers.'

View: Joel Sider @ PressPass (.DOC)

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