New Internet speed record of 4.7 Gbps announced

How fast are your download speeds from your Internet service provider? No matter what it might be, we bet it's not even close to the new download Internet speed record that was first reported earlier this week.

The cable modem company Arris announced on Thursday that Kabel Deutschland, the largest cable provider in Germany, achieved a top download speed of 4.7 Gbps in a recent test.

The massive speed boost was achieved by combining two of Arris's cable modems, each of which accessed eight bonded Annex A (8 MHz) channels. The Assis press release says that this was a real world test; the download speeds were achieved via a cable plant in a school located in Schwerin, Germany. It might have helped that Kabel Deutschland also upgraded that cable plant to 862 MHz.

According to Kabel Deutschland's Chief Technology Officer Lorenz Glatz:

Using this technology, a feature length movie could theoretically be downloaded in 8 seconds – at speeds faster than a standard laptop or modem can even process – demonstrating that today's broadband cable network is already a high performance and sustainable infrastructure offering huge untapped potential.

Even though this new top speed was achieved using fairly normal technology, it's likely going to be quite a while before regular Internet subscribers get access to these kinds of speeds.

Source: Arris press release

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