New iPad online orders sell out of launch date units

Apple announced "the new iPad" on Wednesday and took pre-orders for the third generation iOS tablet the same day. People who were lucky enough to get in on the ground floor and order the new iPad right away will see them at their doorstep on March 16, the same day the tablet goes in sale in Apple stores and other retail stores.

But it looks like Apple has already sold out of its launch date units for the new iPad. Apple's online store now shows that if you purchase any version of the new iPad directly from Apple you will have to wait until March 19 in order to receive the tablet.

This sounds like good news on the surface for Apple, which kept the price of the new iPad the same for all of its versions compared to what the company originally sold the iPad 2 for in 2011.

While the new iPad is expensive compared to the cheaper tablets being sold by Amazon and Barnes and Noble (with the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet, respectively), it seems like consumers still want what Apple is offering, no matter what the price for the product may be in the end.

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