New iPhone hardware details revealed in iOS beta

New information about the next iPhone has leaked courtesy of Apple's updated iOS 6 beta and one website's sources within the tech company.

9to5Mac took a look at the mobile operating system's latest beta and found numerous references to the upcoming Apple phone. The first and most obvious bit of information the site found was that the next iPhone will be running iOS 6.0, based on Darwin Kernel Version 13.0.0. The site also found that the phone's processor is listed as an ARM S5L8950X, a new ARM-based processor manufactured by Samsung. Information about the processor's speed was unavailable, however, but 9to5Mac did have some theories:

The Samsung 5L8950X ARM processor is most likely manufactured at the same fab in Austin where Apple’s other Ax processors are built. The S5L8950X is a step up from the S5L8940X on the previous iPhone and the S5L8945X on the ‘new’ iPad but we’re not sure what that means in terms of cores, processor speed or fab size. We’d place our money on a low power dual core processor similar to the new iPad 2 on Samsung’s 32nm fab.

According to 9to5Mac, the new processor is known internally at Apple as "A5-***", with the last three characters being omitted to protect the site's source. The source also revealed the GPU is called "SGX543RC*" (with the last character again being omitted to protect the site's source). The GPU "technically does not exist yet," the site said, although it knows the GPU will still be featured on the phone via a system on a chip platform.

In terms of more specific information, the new iPhone will have 1GB of RAM, the same amount as the latest iPad. The new amount represents a doubling of the iPhone 4S's 512MB of RAM. Sources have told 9to5Mac that Apple is "far along" in the development of the next iPhone, making an October launch easy, although the device could be released before then, the site writes.

Source: 9to5Mac

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