New iPhones, iPods and OLED screens?

Not long ago Apple released the iPhone 3.0 OS beta to developers so that they could start making use of the new software features. Within the new OS were several key signs that Apple is planning new hardware revisions for the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

"Apple normally makes their device IDs in chronological order, from first released to last released. Here is what I found very interesting for you. Quick, here is an example of the past devices:

iPhone First Gen - 0×1290
iPod touch 1G - 0×1291
iPhone 3G - 0×1292
iPod touch 2G - 0×1293

Then, here is what is found in the ramdisk:

iPhone2,1 - 0×1294
iProd0,1 - 0×1295
iPod2,2 - 0×1296
iPhone3,1 - 0×1297
iFPGA - 0×1298
iPod3,1 - 0×1299″

While its worth noting Apple could be trying to fool everyone by including these tags, in the past it has proven to be a fairly reliable way to predict upcoming Apple products.

Also of note is another rumor that Apple is planning to use OLED screens for the next revision of the iPhone and iPod Touch. OLED screens would help to give the new product line a longer battery life which would work well with the newly announced iPhone OS 3.0 features that will drain your battery a smudge quicker.

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