New Kinect for Windows mod makes cool use of lightsabers

We have reviewed Star Wars Kinect, the recent Xbox 360 exclusive game which was supposed to make you feel like a real Jedi Knight, complete with some lightsaber action. Let's just say we were less than impressed. Now a company has come up with a demo, running on Kinect for Windows, that makes the lightsaber fighting in Kinect Star Wars look pale by comparison.

The demo video shows the work of Sigma R&D, which created a software program for Kinect called SigmaNIL RunTime to read finger movements, something that the current software that Microsoft has for the add-on doesn't yet have. The video shows the software at work, as the lightsaber is turned "on" and "off" on the screen simply by the person flipping their thumb up and down. The video even shows the virtual lightsaber being passed from hand to hand.

The same technology can also be used for non-gaming uses. Sigma R&D demonstrates on their page how their software can be used to read a person's finger movements in American Sign Language and then project the letters made by the signer on the screen. SigmaNIL RunTime is scheduled to be released later this fall but there's no word on what the price will be for developers.

Source: Sigma R&D webpage

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