New Kinect hack lets you control Windows 7 and browsers

A new Kinect hack by a group of students at MIT Media Lab allows you to control Windows 7 and even browsers using only your hands. The Star Wars force-like gesture movements can navigate web pages, your operating system and even potentially control desktop applications.

Since the release of Microsoft's Xbox 360 Kinect, the hacking community has been working to create open-source drivers and applications for Kinect to use on your desktop computer. The Kinect was hacked within three days of its release, and already has spawned a number of creative developers, including a Star Wars light saber application, a Minority Report style control, and a 3D demonstration. Engadget posted that one group came up with a solution that allows Kinect to communicate with JavaScript, essentially allowing you to navigate and surf the web.

The amazing thing about being able to control your PC using 'the force' within you, is that you can do it with a friend. The software is not only multitouch, but multiuser as well. Based on the video, two users can take control of images as the same time, allowing you to collaborate with each other on projects and tasks. The software is still very early in development, but the potential to finally use your Star Wars skills on your PC is just around the corner.

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