New Malicious Computer Worm Preys on Anthrax Scare

A computer virus purporting to provide information about anthrax and its side effects has been discovered, computer security experts said on Tuesday.

The new computer virus, technically a worm because it is self-propagating, is spreading through e-mail systems and instant relay chat channels on the Internet where people ``talk'' in real-time, according to Steven Sundermeier, product manager at Central Command which monitors corporate e-mail systems for viruses.

The e-mail, written in Spanish, has a subject line that says ``Antrax Info.'' The message claims that the attachment is a photo that shows what the side effects of anthrax are.

Once the attachment is opened the worm spreads itself to everyone listed in the email address book. The worm also can overwrite certain files on remote drives, Central Command said in a statement on its Web site.

News source: Yahoo! News

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