New Microsoft Courier video leaked

A new video of the Microsoft Courier (name not finalized) has been leaked onto the Internet, demonstrating in the video just how users will actually use the device. The video didn't show any keyboard but the tablet device will be used through various swipes, flicks and pinches to navigate pages.

It's hard to tell exactly the way the device works from the video, but there appears to be a physical home button in the middle of the tablet that brings the user to a home page or the last page viewed. The center of the tablet seems to act as a clipboard for images that allows you to navigate the device to transfer the images to another page.

The Courier tablet also comes with a camera built-in, which appears to be located on the left hand side of the device, which is activated from the top corner. Users can drag their hands down on either side of the device, bringing up a dual local search and a web browser for surfing.

The Courier seems to allow sharing of files through some sort of Courier file type, a PowerPoint file (PPT) and a PDF, sharing to a Windows XP machine in the video.

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