New Microsoft infographic gives Windows XP a retirement party

With Microsoft still planning to end its official support for Windows XP less than nine months from now, the company is trying to get as many Windows XP users, particularly large businesses, to move to their current operating system, Windows 8.

A newly discovered infographic from Microsoft, shown below, gives Windows XP a retirement party (and a fun looking one at that) while at the same time offering some reasons why businesses should transition to Windows 8. Some of the reasons are certainly spot on, such as the Windows To Go feature that lets users copy their Windows 8 image on a USB drive so they can run it on any Windows PC.

Some of the other reasons are a little more suspect, such as the selection of Windows 8 apps in the Windows Store, which, as we have mentioned before, is still lacking in major apps such as official Facebook and YouTube programs. The infographic also mentions the upcoming Windows 8.1, saying, "It's Windows 8 but even better."

Currently, the research firm Net Applications shows that Windows XP is installed on over 37 percent of all PCs worldwide, which means that Microsoft will have to work hard to get that number down. The company recently indicated it had a goal of seeing the market share of Windows XP to be below 10 percent worldwide before the support cut off date of April 8, 2014.

Source: Microsoft via | Image via Microsoft

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