New Microsoft videos showcase personal Xbox Live stories

Just before the official reveal of the Xbox One game console this week, Microsoft showed its Anthem video that featured a montage of both well known people and ordinary gamers talking about the Xbox business in general. Now Microsoft has released three additional videos that show us more of the regular Xbox Live gamers that were glimpsed briefly in the Anthem clips.

One of the clips gives us the story of Chris and Kelly Brown, also known by their Xbox Live gamer tags of "leftybrown" & "mrs leftybrown", who claim that playing games on Xbox Live together as a couple helped to save their marriage. They even launched their own website, Married Gamers, that talk about how gaming makes their relationship better.

Another video features Barbara Dunkelman and Jack Pattillo, or "BlawnD and Jack P". They talk about being part of the Rooster Teeth team, who create the highly popular Halo-based Red vs Blue machinima series, and how being a part of the Xbox Live community has turned their fan project into a full blown business.

Finally, the third video gives us the touching story of Nori Fox, or "kilaM0Mjaro", who has a 16 year old autistic son, Gavin. Fox states that Gavin started to learn problem solving skills on his own while playing games on his Xbox. She said that she didn't realize how smart Gavin was until he started playing games and that it has helped him to grow and develop faster than just watching a TV show.

Source: Xbox on YouTube

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