New Neowin Member Poll Added

Thanks to everyone who took part in the recent poll which asked Your next console?

It would seem that there is a majority that don't need an upgrade or even want a console, but that's overshadowed by the combined majority of people that will most likely get a new console in their favorite offering.

The New Poll

The new poll is a question revisited, we feel its only fair to pose the question again after so much has happened between the the time we asked the question and the actual events that didn't pan out as we all expected. September came and went, Valve were not as forthcoming as we believed they would be, and Doom III seems as much delayed as HL2, do you disagree and give them the benefit of the doubt or you're unscathed dedication? Be it Yes or No tell us again.. 2003 belongs to?

View: More confusion over HL2 release date (from 13 Oct 2003)

View: Doom III Delayed again (from 7 Nov 2003)

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