New Option: Switch to Neowin Lite

Yes its finally here, its been talked about a few times on the forums and amongst Neowin staff but now its a reality. Neowin is proud to announce a "Lite mode" for dial-up users or people that just want a faster main page.

In true nVIDIA style we can now boast up to 30% faster load times :P due to the size of the page and the fact that the browser has less to render.

The Main Page in Full mode is 284kb and the same page using Neowin Lite mode is just 101kb, thats almost 3x less! see for yourself!

We also plan to implement a "Safemode" page for when the server is busy, that will make the Server is busy message obselete on Neowin seeing as the server can handle a cached html document. The safemode document will be a virtual copy of the Neowin Lite mode with a message letting the user know its the safemode kicking in.

A forum theme based on Neowin Lite may also be implemented depending on the popularity of the Lite pages. Thanks Redmak for making this a reality.

View: Switch to Lite mode or Switch to Full mode

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