New "PCI Latency" patch drivers

I've created a new version of the patch that so many people have already used to solve their IDE- and audio-related problems on VIA-based motherboards. The new version is 0.19, and it has several enhancements over the older versions:

  • More VIA chipsets are supported
  • "Standby" and "Hibernate" power management is supported on Windows 2000 and XP
  • Installation is simpler
  • More patches included: Aureal Vortex, Radeon LE
  • CPU Idle bit is no longer patched, so CPUs run cooler
  • VIA's MWQ patch is included (VIA's current patches have bugs)

Early feedback has been good, with unexpected bonuses like higher disk benchmark scores in Sisoft Sandra and some reports that it cleans up the output of video-capture cards

News source: VIAHardware

Download: Latency Patch

This is BETA software!, please use extreme caution when installing it on your system

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