New realistic Zelda: Incredible movie and first shots!

At the Nintendo pre-E3 conference Ninty dropped a bombshell that we're still reeling from in the form of Link's new Gamecube title. The Legend of Zelda is a realistic take on Link's adventures that is reminiscent of the incredible Link vs Gannon demo from Space World 2000, and not a cartoony Wind Waker 2.

We could harp on about how blown away we are at the new game engine in action, bust a gut whittering away about how stunned we are by the breath-taking Link character model - it's the best ever by a mile. But in the end, you just have to see it for yourself. In truth, the trailer needs no words.

The Legend of Zelda will release on Gamecube in 2005

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News source: gamesradar

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