New Sonic game to link Xbox 360 and Windows Phone

Remember Live Everywhere? Microsoft chairman Bill Gates introduced the concept at Microsoft's E3 2006 press conference, where one game would share features with the PC, Xbox 360 and a mobile phone port. As it turned out, that kind of linking was easier said than done. A few Games For Windows Live titles were able to connect their multiplayer users with their Xbox 360 counterparts but that's about it.

Now there's word that an upcoming Sega game, Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode II, will truly allow players of the Xbox 360 version to connect with the planned port for Windows Phone. The Official Xbox Magazine (via posted up a preview of the retro arcade game this week but it's the video, shown above, where this interesting bit of news is revealed.

In the video Sega's Ken Balough states that when a person plays the Windows Phone port (he erroneously calls it Windows Mobile), they will be able to save the game and then play where they left off on the Xbox 360 version. He states, " ... that's a really cool thing Microsoft has going between the devices and I'm a huge fan of it..."

The game itself is supposed to be released sometime this spring. So far, Microsoft hasn't said anything about linking any other Xbox 360 games to Windows Phone ports so we will have to see if this Sonic game is just a one-off or the beginning of an interesting trend.

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