New star wars title in 2007

Steve Sansweet has confirmed that a new Star Wars videogame will be released during 2007. The news broke at the 2006 Comic-Con in San Diego with a short 'pre-visualisation' movie showing exactly what LucasArts is aiming for in the new game: lots of lightsabers, lots of Force lighting, and lots of dead Stormtroopers.

Earlier in the year, LucasArts' Jim Ward announced that a Star Wars title was in development that would look at Darth Vader's past; whether Sansweet was refering to the same title is unknown. Sansweet also confirmed that the new game would follow the forthcoming Indiana Jones title, and utilise NaturalMotion's Euphoria technology, enabling dynamic reactions and movements from all of the in-game characters. Little else is known about the game, including the formats it'll be released on.

News source: TVG

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