New Surface 2 videos from Microsoft continue their anti-iPad campaign

On Monday, Nokia posted a new video that made some gentle pokes against Apple's iPad when compared to the Lumia 2520. Today, Microsoft gets back continued its own campaign against the iOS tablet with some new videos that show how the Surface 2 is better than the iPad.

One of the videos, as shown on the Surface blog, demonstrates how the Surface 2, combined with Microsoft's new Food and Drink app, helps people who want to learn to cook in the kitchen. The app has been designed to work with a camera so that it can be interacted with hand gestures so people don't have to touch the Surface 2's display when they are also cooking at the same time. The video shows that the iPad app doesn't have that capability and that its voice support won't work in a loud kitchen.

Microsoft's other video shows that the Surface 2 lets users create different account so that parents can set up the tablet for their kids. Each person can have his or her own account so they can see a different Start screen. Parents can also monitor their kids' activities on the Surface 2; the iPad has none of these kinds of features.

Other videos show how the Surface 2 has a USB port, versus none on the iPad and how using the original Surface with its included Office 2013 RT is a better work experience than the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Source: Microsoft

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