New TV ad for Samsung Focus Flash released

We have seen HTC's ad for the Windows Phone-based Radar show up on the TV lately as well as on YouTube. But the ads, while showing off the user interface and features of Microsoft's operating system, only briefly show the Windows Phone logo at the very end of the commercial. Now a new TV ad from Samsung has found its way to YouTube that shows the newly launched Focus Flash smartphone.

Like the HTC ad, the commercial for the Focus Flash shows the UI and other features that are shared with other Windows Phone-based devices but in a humorous way, rather than the artsy serious style of the HTC Radar ad. Once more, the Focus Flash commercial actually has the announcer say "Windows Phone" loud and clear at the end of the ad.

So which approach works better? Humor is always a good way to sell a product on TV and while the Samsung Focus Flash won't win any comedy awards, it's a light and fun ad that you can imagine happening between two guys in real life. The HTC Radar ad is much more serious and even a little pretentious as the artist gets "inspiration" from using the phone to create some kind of photo collage that she constructs on the bottom of a highway bridge. 

In any case, it's still good to see that Windows Phone devices are getting promoted to the public.

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