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New user renders show off laptop and gaming modes for Microsoft's Andromeda

Patent images and user concepts for Microsoft's Andromeda device abound these days, but none of them comes close to the work of David Breyer. Indeed, according to leaked documents obtained by The Verge, his renders may, indeed, be the most accurate depictions of what is actually found in Microsoft's labs.

The graphic designer has now taken to Twitter to share even more of his concept art for the dual-display device, this time highlighting the device's potential for both work and for play. The two renders show the device in what Breyer refers to as laptop mode and gaming mode.

In the case of the first, the device is open in the convex setting, with one part of the screen displaying Word, and the other acting as a virtual keyboard with some quick settings à la Touch Bar.

Switch over to gaming mode, and the device looks a little like a portable handheld console. The first screen acts as a display for the video game, while the second acts as a virtual controller with various buttons, a D-Pad and even two virtual analog sticks, likely for movement.

These concept images are most certainly ambitious and would likely be most pleasing to most Microsoft fans, but without any official confirmation as to what the device Microsoft is working on will actually be like, it's hard to know if the final product will actually be anything like this.

Via: Windows Latest, MSPoweruser | Images via David Breyer

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