New Windows 8 TV ad focuses on Fresh Paint app

Way back in late May, when Microsoft launched the final Release Preview version of Windows 8, it also released the first version of its own in-house Fresh Paint art app. The app, which started life as a Microsoft Research project in 2011, allows its users to create artwork that seems to be hand drawn via the touch screen features of Windows 8.

Now the Fresh Paint app is front and center in a new TV commercial for Windows 8 that's been posted on the official Windows YouTube channel. The TV spot, which features clips that were used in Microsoft's very first Windows 8 app, show a woman  who replaces a girl's art easel with a Windows 8 PC. In this case, the PC is Sony's Vaio Tap 20 all-in-one PC, which can also be used as a really big tablet for a few hours under batter power.

While the TV spot concentrates on the girl making her art creations in Fresh Paint and then printing them out, you do see features such as the "snap" view for using two Windows 8 apps at once. The girl is also seen using Skype to chat with her father. All in all, the ad seems to have the theme of Windows 8 not being just for work but for play as well.

Source: Windows on YouTube

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