New Windows 8.1 TV ad shows the Start button, small and big Live tiles and more

Windows 8.1 isn't due to be released until October 18th, but that isn't stopping Microsoft from promoting the next update to its OS to the general public. On Friday, the company uploaded a new 30 second Windows 8.1 TV ad to YouTube that put the emphasis on a few of its new features.

The commercial quickly shows that Windows 8.1 has a Start button, which is something that Microsoft seems to be promoting a lot to show that it is listening to customer feedback after using Windows 8. The ad shows that Windows 8.1 allows people to use both the desktop and the Modern UI, with the Start button making it quick and easy to flip through both interfaces.

The other parts of the new commercial show off the larger and smaller Live tiles that are available on the Start screen and how Windows 8 apps can now run side by size in different configurations. However, the ad never actually mentioned Windows 8.1 by name.

Combined with the launch of the new Surface tablets a few days after the release of Windows 8.1, it seems clear that we are going to be bombarded with a ton of marketing and hype from Microsoft on the Windows front over the next few weeks.

Source: Windows on YouTube

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