New Windows Phone 7 ads go head-to-head with your current smartphone

Microsoft is getting ready to take to cut-throat world of internet advertising in a desperate bid to get its fledgling, and stumbling, Windows Phone 7 smartphone OS off the ground.

In leaked advertisements obtained by WinRumors, the Redmond outfit is taking on its smartphone competitors head-to-head in an attempt to convince potential buyers that the WP7 way of doing things is indeed the quickest. The ads ask game punters to pit their existing phones against WP7 in some simple tasks to see which proves the best at getting you back to what's happening around you - not unlike the original WP7 ads that aired on TV around the platform's launch in late 2010.

The tasks Microsoft wants users to attempt are fairly simple ones, ranging from taking a photo and uploading it to Facebook, to checking your Xbox Live achievements and feature an overly-excited voice-over to help guide you along the way.

As you'll notice in the video imbedded above, there is also a placeholder for 'your phone'. WinRumors believes this area will be replaced with common smartphone models as and when the ads go live, so its entirely possible favourites such as the Apple iPhone 4 and Google/Samsung Nexus S could be up against WP7 in an ad. near you soon.

It's clear Microsoft isn't going to settle for Windows Phone 7 slipping into mediocrity just as its predecessor did - but perhaps less time working on adverts and more on making sure the system's update procedure worked might be wise!

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