New Worm Hijacks Webcams

Lately all the new viruses/worms end up causing the same problems for computer users. The malicious code either ties up your network, or even worse infect/delete important files. Unlike other worms has a more unique feature; it has the ability to take control of a systems web camera.

This multi-threat worm spreads through already know vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, just like MSBlast and Sasser. Once the worm infects a computer it then creates a Trojan horse that can lead your system open to password stealers, key loggers, and Webcam hijackers. If you have up-to-date anti-virus software, the latest Windows updates, and a firewall this worm won't be bugging you anytime soon. If that's still not enough of a comfort zone for you, you always have the option to unplug your web camera.

I have to admit this is one of the more unique worms that have been recently created. This worm probably won't be that effective in the long run, seeing how it's using the same exploiting techniques as MSBlast and Sasser. Plus when Microsoft releases SP2 via its Windows Update Site this worm won't have that may systems to infect. That is until someone modifies to exploit a new Windows vulnerability.

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