New York Receives Its First Robotic Parking Garage

AutoMotion Parking Systems has introduced its first New York robotic parking garage that can hold up to 67 vehicles. Although the system consumes very little space since customers need not physically retrieve their car, the largest SUVs cannot be stored. The robotic parking garage is now open for the residents at 123 Baxter Street, a newly developed condominium building. Stolzer Parkhaus, German-based industrial manufacturer, is behind the garage's technology which is already in use at 28 automated facilities in 11 countries.

In terms of security, nobody can enter the vehicle from the time the customer drops their car off to when they pick it up. When the driver swipes their card, their car is transported to or from its storage bay (in less than 2.5 minutes). German automaker BMW has signed a contract with AutoMotion Parking Systems, offering automobile servicing (pickup and return included) for any make and model. The service is going at a rate of $400 for a monthly pass or $25 a day.

Mr. Michael Schneeweiss, President of MJS Garage Management (the company that will manage the new garage) commented on the efficiency of the system: "I've never seen a parking system that works so efficiently. We've been to Germany and to Washington to see operational systems and are convinced this is the future of the parking industry in terms of reliability, safety, and convenience to the customer."

News source: DailyTech

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