New Zealand gets Windows Vista ahead of the world

Retail stores in New Zealand initiated the worldwide launch of Microsoft Windows Vista. Due to New Zealand's time zone position, local users have access to the operating system a couple of hours before Australians, thirteen hours before Britons, and almost a full day ahead of American users. The Midnight Launch was held at Dick Smith Electronics Powerhouse, 5 Ronwood Avenue, Manukau City, Auckland. A Microsoft New Zealand team was present at the store to answer questions.

The first purchase in the world of a Microsoft Windows Vista loaded PC took place at one minute past midnight on January 30, 2007. Starting the same minute, Microsoft New Zealand ran a series of online charity auctions on local auction website TradeMe. New Zealanders were able to bid on 15 copies of Windows Vista Ultimate digitally signed by Bill Gates and 15 copies of Microsoft Office Professional 2007, to raise funds for child cancer research charity Cure Kids.

News source: Geekzone

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