Newest update for Twitter's Windows Phone app lets you know what major feature it's missing [Update]

Twitter released the first update for its Windows Phone app in several months today, but there aren't many big changes. One notable difference does stick out, however: The Windows Phone app now shows you what it can't do that its Android and iOS counterparts can.

As part of the update, users of the Twitter app for Windows Phone can no longer select animated GIFs to tweet, which previously would be sent as static images. The Windows Phone app has never been able to tweet animated GIFs, and now it will specifically prevent users from attempting to select the images, presumably so they won't tweet as a broken, static image.

The only major visible addition in the update appears to be the integration with Windows Phone's People Hub, which allows users to automatically add the people they follow on Twitter to their contact lists. With the People Hub, users can filter their contacts by Twitter or any other app that integrates in the Windows Phone feature.

Twitter's app listing in the Windows Phone Store doesn't include a change log for today's update, though no other major changes are apparent. The app will update automatically for users in time, but those who want to download it immediately can view its store listing to download it immediately.

Update: A Microsoft blog post has confirmed the addition of two other features. Windows Phone users can now tell Cortana to send a tweet (saying, "Cortana, Twitter new tweet") while within the app, and websites from Internet Explorer can now be shared to the Twitter app by selecting "Share Page" in the browser.

Source: Windows Phone Store

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