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*Note* Mentioned Pictures can be seen on the Ken Rockwell news source.

Photos supposedly straight from Nikon were leaked recently revealing finally what its new 10.2 MP DSLR camera should look like. As speculation has suggested, the new designation is shown to be the D80, and is regarded as being a replacement to the aging D70 and D70s.

The camera is shown having a similar if not identical sensor as the higher end D200. With it being advertised by Nikon as a 10.2 MP camera, this would make sense. In addition, the camera is shown to have several new additions and changes to the D70 and D70s design such as a smaller, more compact body (similar to the D50), a 2.5" LCD (an upgrade from the D70(s)'s 2" LCD), dedicated AF and physical timer button, as well as a rearrangement of menu buttons on the back.

The pictures also show the top LCD backlight activation option to be similar to the D2x and D200 via the power twist switch.

Ken Rockwell is reporting that the D80 will be priced at $899 USD, a competitive range that should offer Sony, a new comer to the DSLR game, some competition. Its specs show it to be an intermediate step, like its predecessor, with features and price placing it in between the entry level D50 and more advanced D200.

The camera should be formally announced and released on August 9th by Nikon thus confirming or disproving these pictures and specs.

News source: Ken Rockwell
News source: Nikon USA

Disclaimer: Information in this story have been neither confirmed nor denied by Nikon and should be taken as pure speculation.

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