Next Xbox 360 dashboard called "Twist Control"

Back at E3 2011, Microsoft announced plans for yet another new dashboard user interface update for its Xbox 360 game console. At Gamescom this week, Microsoft revealed more features of the new dashboard, including what Microsoft is calling the redesign. It's titled Twist Control, perhaps because the new dashboard allows the Xbox 360 user to twist their hands via the Kinect motion controller camera to move the elements of the new dashboard.

The redesign has the major channel categories on top of the screen rather than on the left side as they are in the current interface.  Part of the reason for the redesign is that there are now a ton of items to download and use from the Xbox 360 Marketplace which makes the current interface harder to use. Robin Burrowes, Xbox Live product marketing manager for Europe, told Eurogamer, "Hopefully it's easy to browse. It's intuitive in terms of the way the surfing experience will actually work."

One of the new features in the dashboard redesign is called Beacons. Found under the Social channel, it will let Xbox 360 gamers let their buddies know what game they are playing on both Xbox Live and also on their Facebook page. Burrowes says, "People are still text messaging each other and sending messages on other platforms. This is an easier way to do it." People will also be able to "like" a game they are currently playing in Xbox 360 on Facebook.

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