Nexus One gets pricing details, to be sold unlocked

After just hearing that the Nexus One phone from Google will be coming on January 5th, information about its pricing has leaked. T-Mobile will be selling the Nexus One for $179.99 with a two-year contract, or consumers can purchase off of Google directly, for $529.99 unlocked.

There is only one contract offered with the Nexus One phone, priced at $79.99 a month for Even More + Text + Unlimited Web. The only contract offered, unless you purchase the phone separately, will have 500 talk minutes, unlimited nights and weekends, plus unlimited T-Mobile to T-Mobile minutes. The plan also offers unlimited domestic messaging including SMS, MMS, IM and unlimited Android (3G) web access.

Customers who wish for any other plan will need to purchase the phone on its own, which could possibly save them money in the future, if their plan is cheaper. However, Google will be offering the phone unsubsidized, which will come unlocked, allowing consumers to use it on any network.

Consumers can only buy five Nexus One phones per Google Account and the phone will be sold at (page currently unavailable).

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Thanks to Wanderermy for the news tip.

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