Nforce 2 out in October

THE LONG AWAITED Nforce 2 "chipset" is now expected to debut early next month, according to a story on Digitimes today. October 1st seems to be the red letter day for the Nforce 2, as well a CPU from AMD, we are led to understand.

But even though MSI and Asus will launch their boards early, other mobo makers may take their time delivering the products.

There were initial teething problems with validation, with AGP8X and DDR 400 memory a cause for concern, the Digi says. The boards will include support for those two elements as well as Firewire, and ATA 133.

But don't call it a chipset. As we revealed the other day, this gets the lads and lasses at Nvidia all in a lather.

News source: The Inquirer

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