Nforce 3 not in mass production yet

EVEN THOUGH Asus has already announced Nforce 3 motherboards that you can buy in many parts of the world, there's evidence suggesting the chipsets not so ready as Nvidia would like, at least not for mass production. All you can appear to get so far are limited quantities of the chipset, that is to say sample, rather than mountains.

We are told that the chipset – as is often the case with any chipset – has a few glitches to be resolved, but they'll be fixed soon. At few board manufacturers will hold their breath for a few more weeks until this chipset is ready to do justice to the eagerly anticipated AMD Athlon 64 and FX launch. The clock is ticking and we wonder who will win this Athlon 64 market race – the Nforce 3 or K8T800 and we also wonder which will perform better, as Via has more experience in single channel memory than Nvidia, which always prefers two channels. Which of course implies that the Athlon FX might suit Nvidia better. We'll find out about the 754 pinner in three weeks but will have to wait for Mr FX for a little while longer.

News source: The Inq

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