Nintendo announces Wii Menu System 4.0

While Nintendo didn't have any ground breaking news, for the Wii, at the Game Developers Conference, they did show off the new Wii Menu System 4.0. This is the update that heavy downloaders should welcome with open arms.

Starting with version 4.0, users will now be able to save downloaded WiiWare, Virtual Console video games, and Channels directly to their SD cards and not just the rather limited 512MB of internal memory. Afraid that you might need to start stocking up on a boat load of 2GB SD cards? Fret not. Nintendo has also included support for SDHC cards up to a much roomier 32GB. That should give you plenty of room to buy and download more content from Nintendo. It should also prove to make Nintendo's already bulging wallets even bulkier.

Wii Menu System 4.0 is available for download starting today. Now that you're done reading, you can go update and start trying your best to fill up a brand new 32GB SDHC card.

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