Nintendo confirms it will attend slimline E3

Japanese video game masters Nintendo are the first of the "big three" to pledge their presence at the new, scaled-down E3 announced recently.

As the smoke begins to clear after the shake-up, it appears a slow trickle of companies are committing to the new, smaller event that will commence from next year. Publisher giant Electronic Arts have confirmed they will be attending and even said the company supports the reduction in size.

"The new event will be less disruptive to development schedules and a smaller more intimate show in LA is likely to result in further support for regional events such as Leipzig, China Joy, Tokyo and other events around the world," said Tiffany Steckler, head of European PR for Electronic Arts.

"EA is supportive of the alternative event and plans to participate," she confirmed.

Meanwhile Microsoft have also announced their support for the event, but have not yet confirmed whether they will attend. Companies like Microsoft have been setting up more and more single-brand events to demonstrate their products, and with the demise of E3 as we know it these events will now be even more important.

The official E3 website tries its best to mask the disappointed frown on the face of global gaming, describing the last few days events as the "evolution" of the expo - but nothing hides the sad fact that the world's largest and most coveted games convention is no more.

Link: E3 Insider - Official Website

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