Nintendo cuts Wii price by $20 ahead of Wii U launch

With Nintendo planning to launch its new Wii U console on November 18th, the company is wasting no time in making its current Wii hardware more affordable to consumers just ahead of the holiday shopping season. Today, Nintendo announced that the price of the Wii will be cut on October 28th by $20 in the US, bringing the price of the console down to just $129.99.

Joystiq reports that the company is adding even more value to this bundle by including two free games. Besides the original Wii Sports, the new bundle will include the more recent Wii Sports Resort. The new bundle will have the black model of the Wii, along with a black WiiMote and a black Nunchuk.

As we have previously reported, Nintendo will sell two models of the new Wii U console in the US on November 18th. One will be priced at $299 and will have a white console, along with 8 GB of storage, the Wii U GamePad, an AC adapter, an HDMI cable, and a sensor bar. The $349 model will be in black, 32 GB of storage, a console stand and the free game Nintendoland, among other additional options.

Source: Joystiq | Image via Nintendo

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