Nintendo DS pirates labeled 'terrorists' by Yutaka Kubota

Yutaka Kubota, president of Japan's Association of Copyright for Computer Software, has branded Nintendo DS players who download games (freely) and then play them on their own flash-ROM carts as terrorists, according to articles by TechRadar and In an interview with magazine Famitsu, Yutaka Kubota said "this is an issue that affects our national interests and, personally, I see it as a form of information terrorism that is crushing Japan's industry."

Although it is currently legal (or rather, not explicitly illegal) to download titles and play them on a flash-ROM cart, an updated bill is going through legislation that would make downloading copyrighted material illegal.

In a copy of Famitsu, Yutaka said "I know that Famitsu's readers like playing games. I want them to be aware that unless we do something, nobody will be able to make the games they love to play. Not only will gamers wanting to play new games not be able to play anything, but people who want to join the game industry in the future will have their dreams trampled upon."

"Just like some people make their living creating objects, others live off making data and content, and as everyone knows, it's the creation of this informational content that is helping driving our economy."

Whilst new laws have and are likely to continue assisting in the prevention of video game piracy, it seems the game industry has still yet to find a solution of it's own which will solve the issue completely.

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