Nintendo Reports Problems with its Latest Memory Card

Nintendo's new Memory Card (1019) is having some problems. This new card holds four times the amount the original card did. Because of this some older games may encounter problems with this card. The games that have been identified are Backyard Football, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Darkened Skye, WTA Tour Tennis, Disney Sports: Skate Boarding, NHL Hitz 20-03, and Mark-Kate & Ashley Sweet 16. So far the 1019 memory card has only been released in the US.

Nintendo of America released a statement regarding problems that older games may encounter with its new Memory Card 1019. With a capacity four times that of the original, some (predominantly more low-key) games will cause errors or not run at all. Games with known issues are as follows:

  • Backyard Football: When trying to format an unformatted Memory Card 1019, the game will freeze. Games save normally on a formatted card.

  • Sonic Adventure 2 Battle: If there are more than 999 free blocks on the Memory Card 1019, the game cannot display the amount of free blocks. Will work normally with less than 999 free blocks.

  • Darkened Skye: If multiple save files are created, the game occasionally will not allow any new files to be created, even though there are enough free blocks on the Memory Card 1019. Removing and reinserting the Memory Card 1019 when this happens should solve the problem.

  • etc...
News source: GamePro

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