Nintendo Revolution Rumours Silenced

On Friday a torrent of rumours and teasers were unleashed upon the console gaming community. So far little is known about the follow-up to Nintendo's GameCube console, as opposed to the two other next-generation consoles; the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The main backbone of the rumours come from a patent filed on May 19th, 2003 with information regarding tilt-sensitive technology which Nintendo have never used. This led many to believe the new controller would utilise this as-of-yet unseen 3D tilt technology. Unfortunately the pre-SP dated illustrations and lack of solid evidence make this rumour unreliable.

Secondly, sketchy pictures of the long anticipated controller appeared on many Asian sites, showing two egg-shaped controllers (one for each hand). However, they have been dubbed "totally fake" by GameSpot Tokyo correspondent Hirohiko Niizumi. "Whoever doctored it up apparently didn't have much understanding of Japanese" he added.

Lastly the final rumour that may have an element of truth in it concerns the release date of the Revolution. A poster containing the words "Think outside the box" and the release date March 2006 suggests that not only would the console be released before the PS3, but that it would also be released outside of Japan at this time. Nintendo have already confirmed the console will ship in 2006, which has left gamers pining for more than a 365 day estimation.

View: Patent 6,000,000 Illustrations

View: Fake "dual-egg" Controllers

View: "Leaked" Poster

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