Nintendo sets date for DSi Europe release

If you are looking to purchase the DSi and your from Europe then this will be useful news to you, yesterday Nintendo released the launch date in Europe for the hand held console. The great news for Europe is they will get a chance to buy the handheld device before America as the date is 3rd April which is 2 days ahead of the US release which is the 5th. Currently the price has not been revealed officially, but the Times speculate it could be around £149.

The DSi is a smaller much thinner version of the DS and has some really neat new features like a bigger and brighter screen to help you get full effect from the games and a SD memory card slot. Inside the device the software is improved as well, there is a new dashboard that allows ease of use when accessing new programs like a sound recorder and an exclusive shop where you can download creativity programs and chat programs that will work alongside the new camera.

The DSi won't have compatibility to allow you to play your old Game Boy games which was a selling point on the older versions and it will have region locking on some of the games due to features only available on some games for certain regions.

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