Nintendo to launch television channel for the Wii

By the end of 2009 anyone with a Nintendo Wii and an Internet connection will be able to see the new Wii television channel which will be called "Wiinoma". The channel will feature a whole range of programmes for all ages and all walks of life including cartoons, training programs and even the occasional lifestyle program. Best of all they will be solely produced for Nintendo so you won't have seen it elsewhere.

Initial testing of the channel will start in Japan in Spring but by the end of 2009 most if not all the Wii owners should be seeing this in their home.

The question is how popular will this service be and will it effect the way you watch television? At the moment, the answer to that question is probably yes especially if the programs Nintendo produce are very popular. Primetime television could take a hit and could mean leading television producers may look for new material to save their viewers.

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