Nintendo Wii sales up, despite financial crisis

It looks like the credit crunch isn't hitting everyone as hard as the media makes out, as Nintendo have just announced that sales figures for the Wii, are up by 38% compared to last year (10.1 million units sold in the first half of this year). The Wii is currently the mid-priced current-gen console, priced between the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

To top off Nintendo's success this year, they have also announced that their current-generation handheld console, the Nintendo DS, has recently outsold the original gameboy console - one of the best selling handheld consoles ever to be released. (81.3M Gameboy units sold vs 84.3M (and counting) DS units).

Demand for the Nintendo Wii is expected to be strong this holiday season, and while Nintendo are trying their best, they are making no promises as to whether or not one will be sitting under your Christmas tree this year.

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