No 60GB iPod - official

According to Greg Joswiak Apple's vice president of hardware product marketing there will be no 60GB iPod. On June 3, 2004 Toshiba made some Apple executives mad after announcing that Apple had committed to buying the new 60GB hard drive.

There is no 60GB iPod in the pipeline, Apple vice president of hardware product marketing Greg Joswiak has confirmed. "We have no plans with regard to announcing 60 gigabyte models," Joswiak told Reuters. "We are trying to create a more compelling lineup with two models for 20GB and 40GB at extremely compelling prices," he added. He also predicted that the fourth-generation iPod, announced yesterday, will facilitate "a very strong growth" in the third quarter. "Traditionally the third quarter is stronger than the second quarter due to back-to-school sales," he explained.

News source: Macworld UK

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