No co-op coming for Killzone 2

Co-founder and managing director of Guerrilla Games Hermen Hulst, has today put the final nail in the coffin regarding Killzone 2's co-op rumour.

Speaking with Game Informer via Hulst had this to say:

"We looked at all the different flavors of co-op early on, but decided our first priority would have to be the single-player experience and the multiplayer," Hulst informed Game Informer. "Rather than just tack on co-op, it would have to be integrated and done to a similar standard as the single and multiplayer."

"Having looked at it again now, I do not think we would want to add it as DLC," he continued.

After many months of uncertainty and rumours, this seems like the final word both Guerrilla and Sony have to say on the matter. Many fans of the title were disappointed to find the game didn't include any co-op features, particularly because the game is so team oriented and the inclusion of missions where the player is joined by AI controlled team mates.

The ongoing delay and budget of the game was likely the cause of co-op being cut, as the game was in development for an already long period of time and cost over $40 million to produce. The multiplayer was able to support 32 players online and many other high spec games are able to pull off some form of co-op play.

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