No Duke Nukem Forever 'til 2005?

The next chapter in 3D Realms' sassy shooter franchise won't be ready until Q4 2004 at the earliest.

When 3D Realms decided on the title "Duke Nukem Forever," most gamers probably didn't realize they were actually describing its development time. First announced in 1997, the seven-year-old shooter franchise's next installment may now not be released until 2005. The bad news came straight from Jeffrey Lapin, CEO of Take Two Interactive, parent of Gathering Games, Duke Nukem Forever's publisher. When pressed on the subject by an analyst in a conference call today, Lapin said, "I had a recent conversation with [Duke Nukem Forever's] developer, and they expect the game to be completed sometime at the end of '04 or the beginning of '05."

News source: GameSpot

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